To become a Wingup consultant

To become a Wingup consultant, simply send your CV to we will contact you shortly. We are always looking for consultants with unique mindsets, experiences and creative visions.

What to expect from becoming a Wingup consultant::

  • 1 Access to a large pool of projects and companies across a number of business fields
  • 2 Narrow matching settings that enable companies to search for and enlist your specific expertise
  • 3 Ability to make your consulting profile stand out based on previous engagements with brands
  • 4 SA great way to systematically monetise your skills while enhancing your scope of expertise in a particular field or broadening it by engaging in challenging cross-industry projects.

What we need to help us decide on your application:

  • 1 Your CV that reflects your most relevant experience, education, certifications, achievements and awards
  • 2 Linkedin profile link.

Over the course of our review, we may request additional information to help us make a better decision. Once approved, you may decide for yourself which projects to apply for and how much work to take on. Improve your rating and form your portfolio of solved cases to build up your profile as a consultant.