What is Wingup (service overview)

1.1 Getting started as a Business

  • Wingup platform was specifically designed as a problem-solving tool, which brings together businesses that aim to improve their performance and intelligent individuals that can provide creative solutions to problems of different complexity.

1.2 I am an individual looking for a freelance consultation for my project, do I register as a company?

  • Yes. You are acting as a company on Wingup platform and should register for business profile.

1.3 Is the registration free or a subject to approval?

  • If you are a business or an individual seeking professional business consultation, the registration is free and takes 1 minute. Project creation is also free, as you pay only when you hire consultant.

1.4 What type of work happens on WingUp?

A few examples of projects that appear on the Wingup platform:

  • Market research and identification of new opportunities for the business.
  • Critical assessment of the business/product.
  • Analysis of the competition and out-of-the box ideas to gaining competitive advantage.
  • Design or critical assessment of marketing strategy for new/existing product.
  • Optimization of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Design/improvement of supply chain.
  • Fund-raising campaigns feedback/design.
  • Creative HRM solutions.
  • Differentiation and innovation.
  • Creative advertisement achieving unique customer/user experience.

1.5 What types of Organizations use WingUp?

At its early stage Wingup is oriented towards SME’s. In the future updates we plan to add more options for entreprise and corporate clients.

1.6 How is Wingup different from other crowdsourcing platforms?

Wingup platform is specifically focused on business problem solving or receiving critical assessment. It’s business model was designed allow companies to hire multiple consultants with different backgrounds and experiences to view multi-sided solutions and therefore determine the best route to progress forward. This ideology is based on the fact that businesses often get too set in their ways, which leads to great opportunities potentially left unnoticed.

1.7 Why Wingup:

In business, new opportunities and challenges arise almost on a daily basis. Getting involved with professional consultancy agencies may be expensive and businesses may find themselves being fit into set industry standards. Traditional freelance platforms usually provide cheap and unqualified workforce. At Wingup, we offer businesses large pool of creative and experiences individuals, who can solve your problem or evaluate potential opportunities from different perspective within your budget. While you will have to decide which strategy you want to implement in the end, you will have a full awareness of all surrounding possibilities and potential threats.

Posting a project on WIng Up

2.1 How to post a project

Simply login into your account and select “post a project”. You will be redirected into a fill-in form. Please note that posting a project on a platform is free. You only pay when you will hire a consultant to do work for you.

2.2 What information should I include in a project post

Try to include the most relevant information in regards to your business and the challenge you are facing. You may include additional relevant information in attachments. In order to save time answering multiple questions from consultants, try to be as precise as possible in your descriptions.

You may also include most up to date work in regards to that specific problem/critical assessment. This will allow consultants to build up on your current progress.

2.3. I don’t know how to price my problem/critical assessment

If you are not sure of a value of a potential consultation for your problem/critical assessment, you can tick “open for offers” and let consultants come to you with their offers, which you then will be able to negotiate with them.

2.4 What should I expect after posting my project?

Once you post your project, our Pros will start to apply within a few hours. You can compare applicants by experience, education and ratings from prior roles. When candidates look interesting, exchange messages. To attract candidates even more quickly, browse the talent pool and invite candidates to view your post.

Hiring consultants

3.1 Can I hire more than one consultant for a project?

Absolutely. For the purpose of diversity in solutions, we suggest hiring at least 3 consultants per project.

3.2 Can I search for consultants myself?

Yes, when you create a post, you will be able to browse through consultant’s profiles and invite the ones you see fit to solve your problem to view you post.

3.3 What if I am not satisfied with the work that consultant has done?

At first, we recommend you contact the consultant via our dedicated chat system and explain why you are not satisfied with the work he or she has provided.

If the problem persists, please submit a complaint found in the dedicated chat system. Once the complaint is submitted, Wingup team will look into the complaint and issue a re-fund.

Please note that Wingup platform offer multi-sided approach and critical assessment from individuals with different level of experience and expertise. Each feedback may prove to be valuable, but only one or two may be something you are actually looking for or intend to use.

If we suspect that you are abusing the “complaint” system, the refund will not be issued.

Wingup fees

4.1 Wingup fees

  • Project posts are free.
  • Once you agree on price with any individual consultant, Wingup will charge additional 17% platform fee and 3% transaction fee on top of the price you agree with consultant.

Safety and Privacy

5.1. What if my project contains confidential information?

You are able to control who has access to your project information by posting a private project and hide it from search results. You will be able to invite consultant to view it. It's also important to note, that as part of our Terms of Service, firms and freelancers agree to not disclose confidential information. It's also common for clients to ask service providers to sign confidentiality agreements prior to disclosing sensitive information.

While each consultant signs a confidentiality agreement during the registration on the platform, you may upload your personal confidentiality agreement to each project and ask consultants to sign it before disclosing any additional information.

5.2. Report safety problem or vulnerability

Our platform is protect by end-to-end encryption. However If you find anything suspicious please contact to report the problem.

Do you have any questions?

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