What is Wingup (service overview)

1.1 Getting started as a Business

  • Wingup platform was specifically designed as a problem-solving tool, which brings together businesses that aim to improve their performance and intelligent individuals that can provide creative solutions to problems of different complexity.

1.2 I am an individual looking for a freelance consultation for my project, do I register as a company?

  • Yes. You are acting as a company on Wingup platform and should register for business profile.

1.3 Is the registration free or a subject to approval?

  • If you are a business or an individual seeking professional business consultation, the registration is free and takes 1 minute. Project creation is also free, as you pay only when you hire consultant.

1.4 What type of work happens on WingUp?

A few examples of projects that appear on the Wingup platform:

  • Market research and identification of new opportunities for the business.
  • Critical assessment of the business/product.
  • Analysis of the competition and out-of-the box ideas to gaining competitive advantage.
  • Design or critical assessment of marketing strategy for new/existing product.
  • Optimization of digital marketing campaigns.
  • Design/improvement of supply chain.
  • Fund-raising campaigns feedback/design.
  • Creative HRM solutions.
  • Differentiation and innovation.
  • Creative advertisement achieving unique customer/user experience.

1.5 What types of Organizations use WingUp?

At its early stage Wingup is oriented towards SME’s. In the future updates we plan to add more options for entreprise and corporate clients.

1.6 How is Wingup different from other crowdsourcing platforms?

Wingup platform is specifically focused on business problem solving or receiving critical assessment. It’s business model was designed allow companies to hire multiple consultants with different backgrounds and experiences to view multi-sided solutions and therefore determine the best route to progress forward. This ideology is based on the fact that businesses often get too set in their ways, which leads to great opportunities potentially left unnoticed.

1.7 Why Wingup:

In business, new opportunities and challenges arise almost on a daily basis. Getting involved with professional consultancy agencies may be expensive and businesses may find themselves being fit into set industry standards. Traditional freelance platforms usually provide cheap and unqualified workforce. At Wingup, we offer businesses large pool of creative and experiences individuals, who can solve your problem or evaluate potential opportunities from different perspective within your budget. While you will have to decide which strategy you want to implement in the end, you will have a full awareness of all surrounding possibilities and potential threats.

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