Posting a project on WIng Up

2.1 How to post a project

Simply login into your account and select “post a project”. You will be redirected into a fill-in form. Please note that posting a project on a platform is free. You only pay when you will hire a consultant to do work for you.

2.2 What information should I include in a project post

Try to include the most relevant information in regards to your business and the challenge you are facing. You may include additional relevant information in attachments. In order to save time answering multiple questions from consultants, try to be as precise as possible in your descriptions.

You may also include most up to date work in regards to that specific problem/critical assessment. This will allow consultants to build up on your current progress.

2.3. I don’t know how to price my problem/critical assessment

If you are not sure of a value of a potential consultation for your problem/critical assessment, you can tick “open for offers” and let consultants come to you with their offers, which you then will be able to negotiate with them.

2.4 What should I expect after posting my project?

Once you post your project, our Pros will start to apply within a few hours. You can compare applicants by experience, education and ratings from prior roles. When candidates look interesting, exchange messages. To attract candidates even more quickly, browse the talent pool and invite candidates to view your post.

Do you have any questions?

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