Projects information

3.1 How to apply for a project?

Select a project you believe you have necessary skills and knowledge to solve and click “apply” button. A separate window will appear where you need to write a pitch to the business, specify the price and set a deadline for you work.

After you submit your work, a company will reply if they see you fit to solve their problem.

3.2 What should I include into an offer?

We recommend creating a short pitch:

  • Outline the key focus of your report. (Perhaps include your view of their problem and from which perspective your solution will be based)
  • Talk about your relevant skills or experience to this specific problem.
  • Show your understanding of the problem.
  • Show that you are an ideal candidate to solve this problem or that your opinion will be crucial for this specific situation.

3.3 I have applied to several projects but have not been selected for one. Why?

Sorry to hear that you haven’t been selected for a project yet! Please be patient, as there are many qualified Pros applying to each project and it may take a few applications before you are selected. We've tried to make the application process very easy for this reason (no bidding or proposal, just a simple cover note). That said, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds:

  • Ensure that your profile is filled with relevant information: include profile picture, education background, full work experience history, description of additional qualifications, skills, interests. Ensure everything is written professionally and the presentation is neat and accurate.
  • Highlight most relevant experiences and skills. Companies usually have little spare time and highlighting most important information for them to see would make their job a lot easier.
  • Feedback and ranking is important. We recommend starting with simple and easy jobs to get feedback and boost your rank. A lot of companies see this as one of the most important determinant of consultant’s ability to successfully solve problems.
  • Ensure your proposal for projects clearly outline your strengths and explain how your expertise and experience will help you successfully solve their problems or critically access their business.

3.4 What should I do if I have gotten a bad rating or a bad comment from a company?

  • First of all, you can lower your average requested price for new proposals to compensate for bad feedback being present on your profile. New good feedback should reduce the negative effect from the bad one.
  • Successfully complete new projects to earn yourself better rating and feedback. You may ask companies to comment on you work after successfully completing a project.

If you believe that the company had posted bad feedback unfairly, please contact Wingup support at

3.5. How can I be sure I will be paid?

  • The company always pays full price in advance for your work. The money will be safely held on Wingup accounts and released to your account once the company will confirm that they have successfully received your work.

3.6. Can we change deadline and price on an ongoing project?

  • You may re-negotiate the deadline on an ongoing project directly with the company. The deadline may only be changed if both the company and the consultant agree.
  • At this moment you cannot re-negotiate the price if the company paid the deposit and the project has started

3.7. What if I need more time to complete my work?

  • If you are running late on a deadline and need more time please notify the company immediately to change the deadline dates as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

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