Getting Started as a Consultant

1.1 Getting started (service overview)

Wingup platform was specifically designed as a problem-solving tool, which brings together businesses that aim to improve their performance and intelligent individuals that can provide creative solutions to problems of different complexity.

1.2 What can I do here as Consultant:

As a consultant, we give you an opportunity to monetize your skills, experience, expertise and knowledge by solving business related problems and providing critical assessment for businesses.

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How it works:

Our mission:

1.3 Eligibility to become WingUP consultant

There are no clearly set parameters that define the eligibility criteria. Bottom line is that we are constantly looking for individuals with unique mindset, extensive experience and diversified expertises. The better your CV shows these three key characteristics, the more chances you have at being accepted in becoming a Wingup consultant.

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1.4 Do I need to send any documents validating information in my CV?

This may depend on the circumstances. If any information in the your CV looks suspicious, we may ask for documentation or certificates as proof. Providing all necessary certificates initially may significantly speed up the application process.

1.5 How long does the reviews process take after submitting my application?

We ask that you please allow 5-7 business days for the reviews team to process your WingUp application. This estimate is subject to change depending on the volume of applications we receive.

If/when you are admitted into the network, you will receive an automatic welcome email from us. At that point, you will have full access to review and apply to all WingUp projects.

If our reviews team has decided to decline your application, unfortunately it is our policy to not send feedback. We will be sure to keep your information on file as we expand the scope of projects on our site.

1.6 Why my application was declined?

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the reasons as to why an application was declined. Re-applying after 6 months with an updated CV may result in a positive decision.

1.7 What if I am VAT registered consultant?

At the moment, we can’t accept VAT registered individuals to act as consultants. This feature will be available in next updates.

Do you have any questions?

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