How it works

  • 1 A Company starts a project to address a problem or receive critical assessment. The more relevant information is added to the project at the moment of publication, the easier it is for freelance consultants to conduct an in-depth analysis.
  • 2 A Consultant can browse for projects relevant to their scope of expertise. They are now able to submit a short proposal to the Company – a summary of what the consultant would focus on.
  • 3 The Company can select consultants based on the submitted proposals, offered expertise and rating. Both parties then negotiate on price, timeline and scope of consultant's report.
  • 4 Upon completing the negotiations, the Company needs to deposit the full amount of money agreed upon by both parties during the negotiations phase. The funds will only be released after the Consultant has completed the work and the Company has accepted it.
  • 5 Once the transaction is complete, the Company may choose to rate the Consultant for their performance. This would enable other businesses to make a clear assessment while deciding to work with the Consultant in the future.

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