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There have been two underlying issues within the management consulting industry that we as a team faced in the past: some within the corporate walls, and some within the independent consulting market.

The first one is buried deep within the agency-to-client culture – businesses are often following or are recommended to follow a habitual, almost standardized path to success. Many of us had a “go-to” agency to talk to when addressing a particular issue, most of the time settling for reasonable. As decision makers, we believe that every single problem has an excellent solution to it, and there is always a large variety of inventive routes (so-called roads to success) that many companies overlook. Those that avoid this behavioral bias tend to become market and opinion leaders, while those that fall into the trap remain as followers.

The second problem we observe is there are thousands of brilliant creative professionals and experts with strong expertise profiles who don’t appear in sights of an average corporate decision maker. These people are persistent, perceptive individuals, each equipped with a tailored toolbox relevant to their field of expertise. The network of an average freelance consultant can cover between 5-10 relevant businesses to work with, but would unlikely leave the geographic borders or the borders of the industry.

The solution appeared at last: to create a platform connecting decision makers seeking unorthodox solutions to the cases, and independent consulting professionals looking to expand their portfolio, to address problems of various scale and complexity. Right there, WingUp was born.

Our mission:

The key goal of WingUp is that of a Marauder's Map from the renowned novels about Harry Potter: to unravel hidden passages to success for ones willing to experiment. Our mission is to offer businesses the ability to review and evaluate all possible routes of developing their business, whether it is through solving ongoing problems, improving their product offerings or simply optimizing the efficiency of their current operations. We are strong believers in crowd-sourced intelligence, and think there is immense value in being able to garner, analyse and implement solutions based on multivariate expertise.

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